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Virginia Department of Corrections — Public Safety First

Virginia Department of Corrections Procedures

These procedures may be modified or updated at any time. While all efforts are made to ensure these procedures reflect the most current information, they are provided here as a public service and are not considered the official record. Questions regarding the information contained in the procedure should be sent to All documents are in PDF format.

000: Administration & Organization

Number Title
010.3 Correspondence Management and Customer Service
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020: Community & Other Agency Relations

Number Title
020.1 Research Conducted in DOC Units
020.2 Compact for Interstate Transfer of Incarcerated Offenders
022.1 Mass Media Relations
022.2 Offender Access to the Media
025.1 Public Access to Hearings, Information, & Meetings
025.2 Public Access to DOC Property
027.1 Volunteer Program
027.2 Internship Programs
027.3 Community Relations
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030: Authority, Inspection & Auditing

Number Title
038.2 Reporting & Investigation of Alleged Abuse or Assault Against Aged or Incapacitated Offenders
038.3 Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)
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050: Records & Information Management

Number Title
050.3 Facility Release of Offenders
050.6 Offender Access to Record Information
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100: Human Resources & Training

Number Title
102.2 Recruitment, Selection and Appointment
135.3 Standards of Ethics and Conflict of Interest
145.3 Equal Employment Opportunity
150.3 Reasonable Accommodations
150.4 Line of Duty Death or Injury
150.5 Employee Assistance Program
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300: Engineering & Environmental Services

Number Title
302.3 Sustainability Plan
310.3 Offender Access to Information Technology
320.3 Recreational Use of DOC Property
320.6 Tobacco Products and Smoking
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400: Institutional Security and Control

Number Title
425.3 Offender Use of Vehicles and Motorized Equipment
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500: Food Services

Number Title
500.1 Food Services Manual — Religious Diets/Common Fare Meals
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600: Educational Services

Number Title
601.3 Student Orientation and Information
601.4 Educational Testing
601.5 Academic Programs
601.6 Career and Technical Education Programs
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700: Health Services & Mental Health Services

Number Title
701.1 Health Services Administration
701.2 Health Services Continuous Quality Improvement Program
701.3 Health Records
720.1 Access to Health Services
720.2 Medical Screening, Classification, and Levels of Care
720.3 Health Maintenance Program
720.4 Co-Payment for Health Care Services
720.6 Dental Services
720.7 Emergency Medical Equipment and Care
720.8 Advance Directive and Durable Do Not Resuscitate Orders
730.1 Mental Health Services: Administration
730.2 MHS: Screening, Assessment, and Classification
730.3 MHS: Levels of Service
730.5 MHS: Suicide Prevention and Behavior Management
730.6 MHS: Confidentiality
730.7 Psychiatric Services
735.1 Sex Offender and Crimes against Minors Registration
740.1 Infectious Disease Control
740.2 Infectious Waste Management and Disposal
750.2 Transplants
750.3 Prostheses
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800: Offender Management & Programs

Number Title
801.3 Managing Offenders with Disabilities
801.5 Marriage Ceremonies for Offenders
801.6 Offender Services
802.1 Offender Property
802.2 Offender Finances
803.1 Offender Correspondence
803.2 Incoming Publications
803.3 Offender Telephone Service
810.1 Offender Reception and Classification
810.2 Transferred Offender Receiving and Orientation
820.2 Re-entry Planning
830.1 Facility Classification Management
830.2 Security Level Classification
830.3 Good Time Awards
830.4 Good Time Awards for State Offenders in Local Jails
830.5 Transfers, Facility Reassignments
830.6 Offender Keep Separate Management
841.1 Offender Programs and Services
841.2 Offender Work Programs
841.3 Offender Religious Programs
841.4 Restrictive Housing Units
841.5 Offender Alcohol and Other Drug Testing and Treatment Services
841.6 Recreation Programs
841.7 Structured Living Program
851.1 Visiting Privileges
851.2 Bereavement Visits
851.3 Community Re-entry Visits
861.1 Offender Discipline, Institutions
861.1RH Offender Discipline, Institutions
861.2 Offender Discipline, Community Corrections Facilities
861.3 Special Housing
864.1 Offender Grooming and Hygiene
866.1 Offender Grievance Procedure
866.2 Offender Complaints, Community Corrections
866.3 Offender Legal Access

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900: Offender Supervision and Management in the Community

Number Title
940.1 Community Residential Programs
940.4 Community Corrections Alternative Program
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