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Family & Friends

Family & Friends

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We appreciate the important role you play in your loved one’s successful re-entry into society. Our goal is to help them return to a productive life once released from our care.

The following are resources you may find helpful.

Offender Safety

The Incarceration Process

When your family member or friend is placed in state custody, they will move through Virginia’s criminal justice system.

Make Arrest and Determine Sentencing

The police will conduct an investigation of a crime before they make an arrest. After arrest, the inmate will stay in a local jail throughout the court process. A judge will determine their sentence.

Assign Security Level and Facility

After receiving a sentencing court order, the inmate will go through the intake procedure. During the intake procedure, our staff will evaluate, drug test, interview, and classify the inmate into one of six security levels based on their offense, behavior, and length of their sentence.

The inmate’s facility assignment will correspond with their security level classification. Use the Offender Locator to find out where your loved one is assigned.

Develop Treatment Plan and Assign Programs

Once assigned to a state facility, the inmate’s counselor develops a treatment plan for your loved one based on their needs. The plan can include a variety of programs. We track your loved one’s progress in reaching their treatment plan goals each year and update them based on their needs.

Only inmates who participate in their treatment plan are able to earn credit for good conduct.

Provide Community Supervision and Release

We strive to provide your loved ones a smooth transition back into society.

Upon release, your loved one might be assigned community supervision for a length of time based on their needs if necessary.

Support Services

These are the services available to help you support your loved one while they are incarcerated.

Apply for Visitation

Complete and submit an application to visit your loved one incarcerated in a state facility. Add a minor to your application. Review the procedures and restrictions regarding in-person and video visitation.

Send Mail

Send mail to your loved ones housed in a state facility. Review our mailing procedures and restrictions.

Receive Phone Calls

Inmates are able to call collect to phone numbers on their approved call list. View our phone correspondence procedures and restrictions, and learn how to pre-pay for a phone plan.

Send Money

You can send money to an inmate under state custody through JPay, which we use to provide various corrections services.

Out-of-State Incarceration and Out-of-State Supervision

An inmate can request out-of-state incarceration if they meet certain criteria. Probationers and parolees may also be eligible for out-of-state supervision. Learn more.

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