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Grants & Collaborations

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The Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) welcomes opportunities to collaborate and partner with organizations on projects which align with the agency’s mission and goals. We encourage established organizations and agencies to take advantage of grant opportunities as they become available and to contact us well in advance of anticipated opportunities.

The VADOC may provide a letter of support and/or sign a collaborative agreement after internal discussion and review of the funding opportunity and proposed project. For more information on our Grants and Collaborations policy, please refer to Operating Procedure 270.1.

Please note that the VADOC does not award grants to individuals or organizations. For information on federal grant opportunities, please visit For information on state and pass-through justice-related grant opportunities, please visit

How to Request Support

If proposing a project for specific VADOC facilities or districts, please contact the specific site(s) or appropriate regional office to discuss the project and services that will be provided prior to submitting the formal request. Failing to establish contact in advance could impact or delay the VADOC’s decision to provide a letter of support or enter into a collaborative agreement prior to the grant due date.

Submission Timeframe

Your formal request for support must allow enough time for review, follow-up, editing, and obtaining proper signatures. The following submission timeframes apply to requests:

  • Requests for letters of support are due at least 10 business days in advance.
  • Requests for collaborative agreements (such as Memorandums of Understanding) that do not require any financial obligation from the VADOC are due at least 15 business days in advance.
  • Request for letters or collaborative agreements that require financial obligation or management from the VADOC or provide funding to the VADOC are due at least 20 business days in advance.

Submission Requirements

Please submit formal requests and materials to Your formal request must include all forms and documentation listed below.

  1. A completed Request for Support/Commitment for External Grant Applications form, ensuring all information is correct. The form must include one of the following:
    • A link to the Request for Proposals/Grant Solicitation from the granting organization or
    • A copy of the Request for Proposals/Grant Solicitation as an attachment.
  2. An initial draft letter of support or collaborative agreement document in an editable format such as Microsoft Word. Do NOT include any language that specifically endorses the applicant organization or program. The letter must include:
    • All required language as directed in the solicitation.
    • An objective and factual description of how the project meets the mission and goals of the VADOC. Please include the target population and geographic location, including any specific facilities or district offices, if the project is specific to a particular population or area.
    • Collaborative agreement documents such as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, used when financial exchange is not involved), a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA, used when financial exchange is involved), or other similar documents, must include specific elements and statements. Primary elements and statements, as well as a sample MOU, can be found in Required Elements and Statements for Collaborative Agreements (additional statements may be required for MOAs). E-mail to obtain a copy of this document.
  3. If the VADOC provides written support for your application, you must:
    • Provide us with a complete copy of the submitted application narrative within one week of its submission.
    • Notify us of the granting organization’s decision within 10 business days of notification.
    • Send us a copy of the award letter and conditions if the application is successful.
    • Submit all follow-up information, including any reference number provided by the VADOC for your request, to

Important to Know

  • Documents of support or commitment will not be issued for an external grant that competes with, or poses a potential conflict for, any grant that the VADOC has received, applied for, or anticipates applying for.
  • Signed agreements, such as a Memorandum of Understanding or Agreement, will only be signed prior to a grant award if the grantor specifically requires such a document. Post-award agreements will be entered into as necessary.
  • The VADOC may provide letters of support or sign collaborative agreements with multiple organizations or agencies applying for the same funding opportunity.
  • We recognize that application time constraints may limit our ability to complete the internal review process prior to submission. Therefore, the VADOC reserves the right to withdraw support upon review of the grant application after submission.
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