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VADOC Conducts Drug and Contraband Shakedown at Lawrenceville Correctional Center

July 03, 2024

Safety and security improved at Lawrenceville Correctional Center on Friday, June 14, when Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) corrections team members completed a drug and contraband shakedown.

Findings from the operation include:

Cellphones and their accessories are considered contraband at VADOC facilities.

The VADOC will assume control of Lawrenceville, the only privately operated prison in Virginia, at the end of the current contract term, August 1, 2024.

“Thank you to our corrections team members for conducting this thorough shakedown at Lawrenceville Correctional Center,” said VADOC Director Chad Dotson. “We continue to have a zero-tolerance policy towards drugs and contraband at our facilities. The cost of poisonous drugs and dangerous contraband entering our prisons is simply too high to expect anything except a laser-focus on safety and security.

The Virginia Department of Corrections continues to monitor the intake of contraband into its facilities. If you have any information, you can call anonymously to 540-830-9280.

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