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Press Release

Press Release

The Virginia Department of Corrections Celebrates Correctional Officers’ Week

May 07, 2017

RICHMOND — As the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) celebrates Correctional Officers’ Week May 7-13, it does so holding the nation’s lowest recidivism rate.

“Our success is based in large measure on the excellence of our correctional officers. These brave men and women serve on the front line of Virginia’s public safety efforts.  They promote a safe environment, one that allows for learning, healing, and ultimately, positive change,” said VADOC Director Harold Clarke.

VADOC correctional officers utilize evidence-based practices to prepare offenders for future success. Officers know reentry begins on day one and understand that more than 90 percent of offenders will eventually return to their communities.

This year, the Department entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of State to share what’s working so well in Virginia with corrections officials around the world.  Recently, representatives from Mexico, Columbia, South Korea and Saudi Arabia have visited Virginia to learn what makes the Commonwealth’s prison system one of the best in the nation.  Because of the safe environments that are created by our correctional officers, we are better equipped to improve our operations, establishing and sharing our best practices and training with foreign visitors.    

Throughout the week, the Department will recognize and honor the Commonwealth’s correctional officers. 

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