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Press Release

Press Release

Virginia Department of Corrections Marks Correctional Officers’ Week

May 04, 2015

RICHMOND — Virginia’s correctional officers play a critical role in keeping correctional facilities safe and promoting offenders’ successful reentry into our communities after they’ve served their time. The officers’ efforts have helped the Virginia Department of Corrections (VADOC) receive national recognition for its reentry efforts, a point of pride as the Department recognizes Correctional Officers’ Week, May 3-9.

“Virginia’s correctional officers approach their profession with courage, commitment and dignity. Their dedication and their day-to-day striving for excellence and innovation make the Department one of the very best in the country,” said Director Harold Clarke.

Virginia now boasts the second-lowest recidivism rate in the nation. Correctional officers have taken a lead role in implementing evidence-based practices and preparing offenders for successful life outside the correctional system. Reentry preparation begins with an offender's first contact with the VADOC.

Throughout the week, the Department will recognize and honor the Commonwealth’s correctional officers.

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